Blizzard Details Overwatch’s Big 2nd Anniversary Event

Overwatch’s massive clout has made it increasingly difficult to remember a time before it dominated gaming’s collective consciousness. Between its numerous accolades, consistent media coverage, and even the formation of its own eSports league, it feels like it’s been around for ages. In reality, Overwatch is somehow only coming up on its second year of life. Blizzard plans to celebrate this milestone with an Anniversary event that brings a bevy of goodies to fans and newcomers alike.  

The festivities kick off May 22nd and end on June 12th. In all 50 new items will hit the game, which includes 8 legendary skins, 3 epic skins, and dance emotes for Doomfist, Moira, and Bridgette. Additionally, Blizzard plans to make previous seasonal cosmetic items available again for the event’s duration. 

On the subject of loot, players receive a bonus Legendary Anniversary loot box when they log in during the event. Each of these boxes guarantees a legendary item. Furthermore, those who throw down for the 50 loot box bundle also receive a Legendary Anniversary box.

Wait, there’s more! A new map, Petra, arrives in Deathmatch alongside a new Competitive Mode. This mode includes leaderboards, skill ranking tiers, and placement matches.

Finally, a new Legendary Edition of Overwatch goes on sale May 22nd. Alongside the base game, it packs in 15 skins consisting of Legendary, Epic, and Origin gear. If you want to try Overwatch before you buy, Blizzard will hold a free weekend in the middle of the event from May 25th to May 29th. In a neat gesture, PlayStation players will NOT need a Plus Membership to participate in the free weekend.

For the Overwatch fans, are you pumped for the 2-year Anniversary? For non-players, does the free weekend and suped-up Legendary Edition entice you to give the game a shot? Let us know in the comments!

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